The Vicarious Observer

That feeling when you think you're being watched? Or that silent mumbling your ears never hear? That's him, waiting, plotting...


He looked lonely without a PC!


In Assani fairy tales, the Vicarious Observer is a boggart-like trickster that, while completely innocuous and invisible, inspires unease and paranoia for classic Assani heroes and villians. As most the stories go, whenever a divine God or a beneficial Spirit takes note of a mortal, that mortal doesn’t usually notice their increased interest until fortune smiles upon them. However, before such divine intervention occurs, it’s common for a Vicarious Observer will creep into their life, which either means an unchanged path to fortune, or irrevocable madness for the watched individual.

Whenever a mortal draws the attention of a just and good immortal, a Vicarious Observer will begin its close and intimate watch of the mortal, and unlike the benign interest of a God or Spirit, a mortal will feel the effects of an Observer. The will begin looking over their shoulder constantly, looking up at nothing, a nothing usually 6’3” in the air. Their ears will also begin to strain, attempting to hear mousy murmurs, mute mumblings, and the stillest susurrations.

Those who don’t know the story of Vicarious Observers will simply go mad from the constant nagging feeling of an invisible companion, which often foils the boons that the higher powers are prepared to offer the broken mortal.

The vicious and villainous, however, understand they have an Observer on their back, which in turn means they’re being watched by virtuous, good deities. They too succumb to madness, however brought differently do to guilt of past deeds.

Only those who are just and of clean conscience can correctly interpret and welcome the cumbersome proximity of an Observer. While they too suffer the same maddening nag, they take solace that someone, some god or guardian angel, is taking special interest in their tiny existence.

The true identity and origin of Vicarious Observers are unknown. Some theologians who are brave enough to even recognize the existence of such creatures hypothesize that they are fallen mortals, those who will never be looked favorably upon by the gods for some past crime. This would explain their keen interest of those who are looked upon lovingly by divinity, possibly attempting to decipher and reclaim the qualities they lost in their transgression. Others speculate they are creatures not of this world; out-of-synch phantoms who yearn to planeswalk into Tairyn. To explain these possible ‘walkers gravitating towards mortals favored by the Gods, theorists say either they’re making silent pleas to blessed Assani to help them return to Tairyn, their original home, or to deceive above-standard but gullible humans to release them from their exoplanar prison into the World.

Either way, an Observer’s comings and goings should be tentatively welcomed, for it often the forerunner of good things to come, but only if you survive the itch of madness it provides during its short stay. Many prospective Asurian colonists (namely the adventurers) are feeling the twinge of a Vicarious Observer’s interest, and hopefully they will weather the pressure and find only health and prosperity when they make landfall.

And if you still don’t know who I’m talking about, take a look at who’s character this is…

The Vicarious Observer

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