Administrator Eustice Levanthorp

Administrator to the colony.




Eustice is an old man by any measure, and he knows it. Eustice was once a brilliant young bureaucrat in the ministry of trade, known for cracking down on corruption and having an almost preternatural ability to anticipate growth. When Assan began launching expeditions to establish colonies in foreign lands, Eustice was eager to lend his skills for the betterment of the fledgeling empire. It was said Eustice had a magic touch for new found colonies, and over the course of his career he has seen dozens of such expeditions from ramshackle shanties to thriving trade ports.

It was this exact talent that froze the young Administrator Leventhorp’s career however. So far away from the Ministry of Trade and the Senate, Eustice was left out of the back-room deals and trade kick-backs that saw his less talented peers promoted so far ahead of him. Eustice hardly noticed until he discovered his new superior was nearly half his age. He bore the snickering of his new colleagues in silence, opting to spend more and more time in the field.

Now, at the formidable age of 74, Administrator Leventhorp has signed on for one last great adventure. His younger colleagues are convinced that the project is impossible, the dangers too great and the rewards too few. Eustice in response just tightens his grip on his cane, mutters under his breath about “cowardly children”, and totters forward into the unknown one last time.

Administrator Eustice Levanthorp

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