Savage Coast

Adventure Log #6

Excerpt from a letter to Oliver Wode's wife

“My Dearest Laraina,

Though I have not been in your presence in many months I have dreamt of you constantly. However, we will be reunited once more! Earlier today we found a reason for more people to be sent to colonize this land. This means that you and I may be reunited sooner than I had ever dreamed. Upon this letters arrival there will be a great many rumors about what has transpired in our newly colonized land, however, you will be one of the few who has a full account. Let me start from the beginning.

When we first set foot inside these forests we were greeted with unkind trees and unkind smells. The trees we immediately dealt with while the smell required a little more investigation. We stumbled across a war band of Troglodytes when we found ourselves a few miles inland. Luckily we went unnoticed which gave us some time to set up our defenses. Then after we had scouted the area and created a defensible settlement we decided that it was time to rid our home of one of its many infestations.

We led our men to take out the stronghold of the Trogs. It was here that we ran into the nesting grounds for not only the stench-ridden muck dwellers but for drakes and behemoths. We were able to clear out most of the Troglodytes with little issue but were unprepared for what we saw after. It was the largest Macetail behemoth I had ever seen or even heard of by description. I mean this would put even the wealthiest Elven family to shame! It was a tough battle as this huge beast carried 4 Trogs on its back but we eventually won. In the end it was Sark the half-orc (just imagine if he were a full human) who put down the giant beast as he peppered it with arrows. Obadiah was nearly killed by the death spasms of the creature but was able to just hang on. It was then that Araya, Etari and I were given enough space to clean up the rest of the gang.

When the dust cleared and we were shown to be victorious we had a very valuable pelt on our hands as well as behemoth eggs and drake eggs. This will help to prove that this expedition will be successful and that when we get more people we can begin doing Erathis’ work.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you can get passage aboard the next ship out so that I can see your eyes once more. Please be safe and continue to think of me as I think of you.

My love to you always, Oliver”



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