Guiding Themes of Tairyn

Tairyn is a fantastic place
It is a setting of normal people and awesome beings. Powers beyond mortal capacity are granted by an outside source be it God, spirit, or something darker…

Tairyn is ancient
Empires have risen and fallen in Tairyn countless times before, and signs of them are everywhere today. Many of the cities of Tairyn have been cities for millennia; constantly renewing, reinventing, and rebuilding on top of themselves.

Tairyn is mapped, mostly
Tairyn is fairly well mapped and trade routes are established between nations. Though some places in Tairyn are still unknown, most of the world is known. Think British Empire.

Monsters are everywhere and feared
Most monsters of the world are as natural as bears and horses are on Earth. At the same time, monsters are universally feral and hunted.

Adventurers are exceptional, but not rare
While a cut above the common people, player characters are by no means uniquely gifted; there are many other adventurers, explorers and trailblazers in the world of Tairyn. Although nonplayer characters might have a class and levels, they do not advance the same way player characters do, and they exist for a different purpose. Not everyone in the world gains levels like the player characters do. An NPC might be a veteran of numerous battles and still not become a 3rd level fighter; an army of elves will be soldiers (monster type), not fighters (character class).

Race matters
The standard points of light setting sets race as only of moderate importance. In Tairyn race is indicative of social standing and national origin. While most nations will tolerate immigrants from other cultures and locations, those immigrants will always be held apart from their adoptive society.

Magic flows from the Primordials
Just as the Divine power source flows from the Gods, and the Primal power source is granted by the spirits, Arcane powers come from the Primordials. Those caught practicing raw magic are viewed as dangerous renegades. The one study of magic that is tolerated is the practice of Artifice. Artificers channel magical energy into items using magical components, diagrams, and complex chains of sigils in order to properly harness the magical energies involved.

Gods and Primordials shaped the world
The world was originally formed by Primordials out of nothingness, but it was the Gods who granted it civility and permanence. The Gods and the Primordials fought for the world, and the Gods won, banishing the Primordials to the Elemental Chaos.

The Gods are distant
Gods exist, though most maintain a distance and detachment from the everyday happenings of the world. Gods are extremely powerful, compared to mortals and monsters, but they aren’t omniscient or omnipotent. They provide access to the divine power source for their followers, and their followers in turn pray to them in hopes that they will hear them and bless them.

Spirits are very different from Gods
While Gods and Primordials are apart from the world, spirits are very much entwined with every aspect of it. The relationship between the Spirits and their followers is something like religion, something like philosophy, and something like familial obligations. Worship of the gods involves prayer and sacrifice to a superior being who’s mythical actions created the world and whose power influences even the afterlife. By contrast, the spirit way is a broad set of principles in which even the greatest primal spirits are seen as companions and allies. Followers of the spirit way commune with powerful beings – distant ancestors, beast archetypes, and the sentient essences of places of power – beings whose primal energy permeates the world and whose strength can aid you if your goals and deeds are worthy.

Guiding Themes of Tairyn

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