Geography of Tairyn

Nations of Tairyn:

Assan was founded by a group of ambitious humans who landed on the tiny marshy chain of island and began to build. Today those islands are completely hidden beneath the grand architecture of Assan. A thriving trading port, Assan is the crown jewel of a mercantile empire of massive influence and power. The Assani are proud, industrious, and maybe a bit supremacist.

Teravas a land of rolling plains, deep forests, and tall castles. Closest to the feywild, Teravas is ruled by fey courts of the Eladrin. The forests of Teravas are also home to the gnomes, small and clever people more focused on avoiding trouble then confronting it.

Arkhos is a volcanically active mountainous region, and home to the dragonborn and goliath peoples. Once long ago, the Empire of Arkhosia ruled the world, but that great empire fell into decline until today. The proud dragonborn still carry themselves with all the regality of their forefathers.

Atland A frozen island far to the north. Atland has been excavated by the dwarves for millennia in their search for ore and heat. As a result, the darven nation of Atland is almost entirely subterranean. Gruff and resourceful, the Dwarves of Atland have survived on skill, ingenuity, and plain dwarven stubbornness.

Theron A sylvan nation that is home to the Elven people and the Shifter tribes. The people of Theron pride independence more then anything else, and as such have no central government or leadership. Instead the many small bands and tribes that travel the wildernesses of Theron have compacts and treaties of mutual defense. Many a would-be conqueror has met their end beneath the giant pines of Theron.

The burning isle of Bael Turath was once the seat of a great human empire. The royal families of Bael Turath made dark pacts with devils in order to guarantee their supremacy, thus becoming the first Tieflings. Their bloodlines bare the marks of that infernal heritage even today. Their empire relegated to history, the people of Bael Turath today still bear the world’s hatred and mistrust.

Geography of Tairyn

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