character creation

The first thing you should know about this campaign is that it is not a finely crafted creation designed to give a perfectly escalating series of challenges. The Savage Coast is an unforgiving thing, but with a bit of preparation, a little wit, and a smidgeon of luck, you’ll do just fine. If things don’t end up going your way anyway, I can promise a fairly unforgettable death.

Regarding actual character generation, I would point out that your characters are here to tame a WILDERNESS. Any seriously city based character is going to be horribly out of their depth on the Coast. I won’t stop you if that’s your character plan, but consider yourself warned that you might not see friendly strangers for a while.

I will ask that you all use Character Builder for your character creation. I don’t currently plan on limiting race or class, but I reserve the right to reject your character if I feel it will drive me/others crazy.

While we’re on it though, I want to run this campaign as low-ish magic. What I mean by that is that magic, psionics, and spirits are strange forces in the world. Strange and exotic races are just that, strange and exotic.

Characters should fit into the general arch type of people willing to leave everything behind in order to carve civilization from the unknown. Your survival depends mostly on your characters’ ability to do the following:
  1. Explore new and exotic places.
  2. Understand that life is tough, so you need to be tougher.
  3. Put everyone and everything they knew behind them as they begin this new undertaking.

Your characters will take the role of colonists landing on the shores of a heretofore unexplored continent. Your group will be the important figures of the settlement, in charge of major decisions and controlling the overall destiny of the fledgling village in your charge. It will grow and prosper or wither and die entirely based on your actions and your decisions. This will also mean that during non-game time, we will run a small play-by-post operation out of this site that will handle the day to day operations of your settlement.

Things I need from you if you join the game:

  1. Valid level 5 character. The character builder in demo mode won’t go passed level 3 and only uses really old data, so get in touch with Josh or Collin, they have subscriptions and might be able to share. The character should conform to all my rules listed above.
  2. Background: I like the 10 minute background system for generating well rounded characters and giving me something to work with. Don’t know how? click here!
  3. Name suggestions for the settlement. When we have our first session we can decide on a name for the village and then I’ll change the name of this campaign to reflect that.
  4. Places and names: At this point the rest of the world (what you’re leaving behind) is not written with any kind of real detail. Anything you want to work in a background I can try to make happen. Illegitimate child of the Baron Blackmoore, Viceroy of the island of Gree? Done! Stuck for ideas or names? Let me know and we’ll hack something out together.

character creation

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