Obadiah Polathis

Wrathful Invoker of Erathis charged with settling the coast of Asur.


Obadiah Polathis, level 5
Human, Invoker
Build: Wrathful Invoker
Divine Covenant: Covenant of Wrath
Background: Geography – Urban, Early Life – Divine Companionship, Divinely Inspired, Recent Life – Explorer of the Ancient (+2 to Religion)

Str 10, Con 17, Dex 10, Int 11, Wis 20, Cha 8.

Str 10, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 11, Wis 17, Cha 8.

AC: 19 Fort: 18 Reflex: 15 Will: 20
HP: 43 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 10

History +7, Religion +9, Insight +12, Diplomacy +6, Arcana +7

Acrobatics +1, Bluff +1, Dungeoneering +7, Endurance +4, Heal +7, Intimidate +1, Nature +7, Perception +7, Stealth +1, Streetwise +1, Thievery +1, Athletics +1

Invoker: Ritual Caster
Human: Invoker Defense
Level 1: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Level 2: Distant Advantage
Level 4: Action Surge

Bonus At-Will Power: Hand of Radiance
Invoker at-will 1: Mantle of the Infidel
Invoker at-will 1: Grasping Shards
Invoker encounter 1: Thunder of Judgment
Invoker daily 1: Angelic Protector
Invoker utility 2: Wall of Light
Invoker encounter 3: Offering of Justice
Invoker daily 5: Lamentation of the Wicked

Ritual Book, Adventurer’s Kit, Accurate staff, Chainmail, Trail Rations (10), Holy Symbol, Fine Clothing, Residuum (Any) (200)
Hand of Fate, Comprehend Language


Obadiah Polathis was born deep in the overpopulated slums of Assan, the unfortunate growing pains of the rapidly sprawling city-state. To avoid the trap of developing a dead-end future of a street urchin or a transient sailor, Obadiah’s parents emptied their combined life savings to enrolled the teenager Obadiah in the well-respected Manitin Temple, hoping he would at least have a decent life as a disciple of Erathis: clothed, well fed, and wouldn’t put his small family into crippling debt (which proper schooling would do within a year, and was also safer than joining the aggressive Assan military, and more prestigious than the city watch). This act was their undoing, however, since this enrollment made the other beggar families suspicious of hidden fortunes inside the Polathis hovel. In under a week, Obadiah was dismayed to learn that his parents and two older sisters were murdered in his old home due to a failed robbery attempt. Elves or gnomes were suspected by the city watch to be the culprits, however it’s common knowledge any ’watch accusation of a fey creature is police code for “not worth our time to pursue.”

However, this life tragedy may very well be the defining moment of Obadiah’s life. While he quickly adopted a sour and bitter attitude to strangers that entered his temple, especially towards the poor and the dispossessed, his personal devotion flared to a brightness that rivaled his new Manitin fathers’. After the tragic event, Obadiah’s teachers slowly took notes of his qualities during his studies: strict observer of Manitin prayer schedules, perfect custodian of temple maintenance, however was a horrible public speaker, and had little to no proficiency with martial weapons. When Obadiah entered his twenties, he confessed to his peers that he was hearing voices of his beloved Goddess, and his teachers were ready for him to start his personalized advanced training: to become an invoker.

For the next four years, the Manitin priests outlined the material and tests that would prepare Obadiah to become the most effective Manitin Speaker, a Conduit of Erathis to be heard in the most untamed, most uncivilized wildernesses. His priests wisely appealed to him that if a civilization, correctly governed by the laws of Erathis, were to spread and grip as much of the undeveloped lands as possible, the cramped lawlessness of the slums he saw as a child would fade away to nothing more than a bad memory; a memory that will never be suffered on a child like him again. Obadiah gladly gulped down these teachings and trainings, and soon became a star pupil when it came to channeling divine strength, which he found in anger and vengeance.

Now, 25-year-old Obadiah Polathis, Speaker of the Assanian Manitin Temple of Erathis, initiates the final and unending labor of his order: settle, colonize, spread, and preach. It’s every young disiple’s dream to plunge into the shadowy Unknown, only to rise and create a new Point of Light that Erathis will recognize and smile upon, thus spreading the Assan Empire in Her image. Now, on this crowded ship, full of adventurous men and women ready to make Asur their new home, Obadiah can’t help but share their vast hopes for their destination.

Obadiah Polathis

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