Savage Coast

Adventure Log #9

Excerpt from the journal of Pathfinder Sark

I am afraid I must be brief. Even now I can still hear the advance of the beast that hunts us.

Fresh off our success in destroying the magic of the glowing orb and before that the destruction of the Trog camp and the slaying of the mighty behemoth, we decided to continue the purge of the evils of this land and set off to hunt down the Shaggoth.

With much internal debate we decided to bring along the refugee from the “People”, Norice. It seems he’s been spreading lies and propaganda about how great “The People” are and we felt that taking him along to hunt the Shaggoth would either impress upon him our own greatness, or that he would die in the process. Either outcome was satisfactory.

We set out, heading East as was foretold by Obediah. He claims he is in direct commune with Erathis. I think it’s more likely he’s been hit in the head one too many times but that is a story for another time. As we progressed farther and farther East, the land changed and we found ourselves in an accursed swamp. The land itself tried to slow us down and the insects were as thick as morning fog. The few trees we found were diseased and bloated, with huge growths. Some of the growths burst and rats, birds, and other vermin covered in pus scampered off!

As we got deeper into the swamp the trees grew larger and the boils larger still. In disgust I cut one open and to my surprise and terror a diseased, mutated, canine beast sprung forth. Suddenly, the other boils on trees surrounding us began to burst and more of these foul beasts emerged and fell upon myself and my comrades. We killed many, but poor Norice fell to one of the beasts and his body immediately began to fester and putrefy, like the decaying process of time was accelerating! We immediately burned his body and the bodies of the enemy.

Fortunately, this was our only encounter of the day and the trees began to shrink, thin out, and the terrain opened up. We came upon a clearing, like the land had been scoured and up ahead was a beast the size of a manor house. It didn’t seem to notice us but we are convinced that this is the “Shaggoth” of which Grue spoke. Needing to explore further, my companions circled around it and I climbed a tree to get onto it’s back. Within the soft, fatty texture of the beast a mouth opened and attempted to grab my leg. I hacked myself free and felt the creature begin to take notice of our presence. Try as we might, we could not find a way to hurt this creature. It must have some mind control powers because I saw Etari run screaming into the beasts mouth, an act not even a fool would attempt. Araya pulled the beaten and bloody artificer free as I fought perverted and twisted creatures like the ones in the swamp. The only thing that even fazed the monster was a whirlwind of fire that came from Obediah’s staff. The beast howled so loud we all stood dazed by the blast of noise.

Coming to our senses, we ran as fast as we could away from the Shaggoth. I know it’s hunting us. I can hear it sniffing the air for our scent. We are now debating our next course of action. We can’t lead it back to our settlement nor can we do anything in the meantime to hurt it. I must end this now, the others are calling for me to decide what to do next…

- Sark


The only time I recall calling your name was when I yelled to you to NOT slide down the side of the giant beast with your axe, resulting in grotesque animals spewing all over me…

Adventure Log #9

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