Savage Coast

Adventure Log #8

Tim is a lazy bum :-P

Yes he is

Read from the gibbering notes of a fevered alchemist

After taking nearly a day to recover from fighting those wretched trash horrors I was only getting worse. Not even the skilled healing techniques of our warrior sister was enough to overcome the illness. I feel my strength being sapped away from me, and worry that I may not be long for this world, and fear that if the fever does not break that I will become delusional. If this wretched disease is fatal I hope one of my ‘associates’ will be smart enough to study it so that I may further science…

It is hard to focus, and I feel a great weight pressing upon me. We have seen the monstrous growth on this side of the river and I must find what is happening to the local plants. The heat of the local swamp managed to upset our father, Obediah -again… As usual it seems this man cannot cope with the wild.-

It has been several hours since my last writing and it seems that our dear slightly green friend has found something interesting; A bear clothed as a dancer A bear clothed in vines A bear that had recently been killed by… something… As the party deliberated what to do I decided to examine the bear to find what was wrong with it. My medical report follows;

Patient did not respond to several tests. Problems seem to stem from no pulse… Further testing required to diagnose.

I recommended the bear rest and contact me in the morning.

We have just finished battle with what appeared to be several farmers, one large tree person, two smaller tree people, one of whom nearly strangled me to death, and a mass of animated vines that possessed considerable magical talent. We found an actual outpost of those who had made what now appears to be an empire before we arrived after stumbling across our good friend the bear.

Note: The green monstrosity above used powerful magics. I plan to study the source of its power, an orb. Perhaps tinkering and reactivation will allow faster growing crops. May have to study whether or not this effected the people.

As we have walked deeper into the woods we have discovered faster and faster growing plant life. When we found the outpost it was covered in vines. As we continued, behind the outpost was a field of maggots as far as the eye could see. I collected one for study, but haven not found anything unusual about it except for the size… As we continued puzzling about who would do such a thing several farmers came out of the ruins and the field to greet us. Before I could ask any questions my companions yelled “Undead!” and proceeded to obliterate the poor men. After catching our breath we then made our way into the center building of the town.

Inside the main building we found a glowing green orb that we guessed was the source of all the foul growth that had happened. As we stared with wonder vines grew and died in mere seconds. I was not sure what to do with it at first so I asked Oliver to parley with it to try and make peace. After getting no reaction I decided to take things into my own hands. As vines burst fourth from the back of my hands I yelped and quickly dropped the orb back on the pedestal. Several more beings creeped out from the floor and attacked. I was too busy trying to stay alive to know much of what happened during the battle, but I did hear a victory cry from Sark who bravely fought with the horror who claimed some of my blood as he emerged from the orb.

After the battle we have tried to discern what exactly had been going on. It felt as if the magics of the orb had become stale. Due to my limited understanding I may not be able to restore the orb to its former glory as a boon to farmers, but it seems to have deactivated and I now have a chance to study its mysteries. Coming to this continent may have been one of my more dangerous decisions, but to have this much fantastic magic surrounding me is something I could not experience elsewhere. Ah, it seems the fever is breaking so I shall rest and hopefully feel better in the morning…



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