Savage Coast

Adventure Log #9
Excerpt from the journal of Pathfinder Sark

I am afraid I must be brief. Even now I can still hear the advance of the beast that hunts us.

Fresh off our success in destroying the magic of the glowing orb and before that the destruction of the Trog camp and the slaying of the mighty behemoth, we decided to continue the purge of the evils of this land and set off to hunt down the Shaggoth.

With much internal debate we decided to bring along the refugee from the “People”, Norice. It seems he’s been spreading lies and propaganda about how great “The People” are and we felt that taking him along to hunt the Shaggoth would either impress upon him our own greatness, or that he would die in the process. Either outcome was satisfactory.

We set out, heading East as was foretold by Obediah. He claims he is in direct commune with Erathis. I think it’s more likely he’s been hit in the head one too many times but that is a story for another time. As we progressed farther and farther East, the land changed and we found ourselves in an accursed swamp. The land itself tried to slow us down and the insects were as thick as morning fog. The few trees we found were diseased and bloated, with huge growths. Some of the growths burst and rats, birds, and other vermin covered in pus scampered off!

As we got deeper into the swamp the trees grew larger and the boils larger still. In disgust I cut one open and to my surprise and terror a diseased, mutated, canine beast sprung forth. Suddenly, the other boils on trees surrounding us began to burst and more of these foul beasts emerged and fell upon myself and my comrades. We killed many, but poor Norice fell to one of the beasts and his body immediately began to fester and putrefy, like the decaying process of time was accelerating! We immediately burned his body and the bodies of the enemy.

Fortunately, this was our only encounter of the day and the trees began to shrink, thin out, and the terrain opened up. We came upon a clearing, like the land had been scoured and up ahead was a beast the size of a manor house. It didn’t seem to notice us but we are convinced that this is the “Shaggoth” of which Grue spoke. Needing to explore further, my companions circled around it and I climbed a tree to get onto it’s back. Within the soft, fatty texture of the beast a mouth opened and attempted to grab my leg. I hacked myself free and felt the creature begin to take notice of our presence. Try as we might, we could not find a way to hurt this creature. It must have some mind control powers because I saw Etari run screaming into the beasts mouth, an act not even a fool would attempt. Araya pulled the beaten and bloody artificer free as I fought perverted and twisted creatures like the ones in the swamp. The only thing that even fazed the monster was a whirlwind of fire that came from Obediah’s staff. The beast howled so loud we all stood dazed by the blast of noise.

Coming to our senses, we ran as fast as we could away from the Shaggoth. I know it’s hunting us. I can hear it sniffing the air for our scent. We are now debating our next course of action. We can’t lead it back to our settlement nor can we do anything in the meantime to hurt it. I must end this now, the others are calling for me to decide what to do next…

- Sark

Adventure Log #8

Tim is a lazy bum :-P

Yes he is

Read from the gibbering notes of a fevered alchemist

After taking nearly a day to recover from fighting those wretched trash horrors I was only getting worse. Not even the skilled healing techniques of our warrior sister was enough to overcome the illness. I feel my strength being sapped away from me, and worry that I may not be long for this world, and fear that if the fever does not break that I will become delusional. If this wretched disease is fatal I hope one of my ‘associates’ will be smart enough to study it so that I may further science…

It is hard to focus, and I feel a great weight pressing upon me. We have seen the monstrous growth on this side of the river and I must find what is happening to the local plants. The heat of the local swamp managed to upset our father, Obediah -again… As usual it seems this man cannot cope with the wild.-

It has been several hours since my last writing and it seems that our dear slightly green friend has found something interesting; A bear clothed as a dancer A bear clothed in vines A bear that had recently been killed by… something… As the party deliberated what to do I decided to examine the bear to find what was wrong with it. My medical report follows;

Patient did not respond to several tests. Problems seem to stem from no pulse… Further testing required to diagnose.

I recommended the bear rest and contact me in the morning.

We have just finished battle with what appeared to be several farmers, one large tree person, two smaller tree people, one of whom nearly strangled me to death, and a mass of animated vines that possessed considerable magical talent. We found an actual outpost of those who had made what now appears to be an empire before we arrived after stumbling across our good friend the bear.

Note: The green monstrosity above used powerful magics. I plan to study the source of its power, an orb. Perhaps tinkering and reactivation will allow faster growing crops. May have to study whether or not this effected the people.

As we have walked deeper into the woods we have discovered faster and faster growing plant life. When we found the outpost it was covered in vines. As we continued, behind the outpost was a field of maggots as far as the eye could see. I collected one for study, but haven not found anything unusual about it except for the size… As we continued puzzling about who would do such a thing several farmers came out of the ruins and the field to greet us. Before I could ask any questions my companions yelled “Undead!” and proceeded to obliterate the poor men. After catching our breath we then made our way into the center building of the town.

Inside the main building we found a glowing green orb that we guessed was the source of all the foul growth that had happened. As we stared with wonder vines grew and died in mere seconds. I was not sure what to do with it at first so I asked Oliver to parley with it to try and make peace. After getting no reaction I decided to take things into my own hands. As vines burst fourth from the back of my hands I yelped and quickly dropped the orb back on the pedestal. Several more beings creeped out from the floor and attacked. I was too busy trying to stay alive to know much of what happened during the battle, but I did hear a victory cry from Sark who bravely fought with the horror who claimed some of my blood as he emerged from the orb.

After the battle we have tried to discern what exactly had been going on. It felt as if the magics of the orb had become stale. Due to my limited understanding I may not be able to restore the orb to its former glory as a boon to farmers, but it seems to have deactivated and I now have a chance to study its mysteries. Coming to this continent may have been one of my more dangerous decisions, but to have this much fantastic magic surrounding me is something I could not experience elsewhere. Ah, it seems the fever is breaking so I shall rest and hopefully feel better in the morning…

Adventure Log #7

Praise be to Erathis! For She rose Man to civilization and is Assan’s guiding light!

Beacon of Hope has just taken an enormous gamble that I hope You will smile kindly on my beloved flock. We sent a skeleton crew of sailors and soldiers back to Assan, in the hopes that we can reinforce our colony with more of your Worthy. While I believe the seas will be complacent and the head of the Macetail Matriarch to be a tempting offer to our benefactors back in Assan (let alone the host of drake/behemoth eggs we carefully stored in the Wode’s Wavestrider hold), I fear more for our rapidly reducing populace here on this Unsung Continent. If all Abyss breaks loose, I fear the citizenry of Beacon of Hope, now with roughly three-quarters the power that we arrived, will be unable to fight off a focused retort from the vile natives.

Praise be to Erathis!

But do not let me dwell on the unreasonable fears that Your servant carries, for he knows you are always present, willing our success in this untamed land! Evidence of such occurred just today, when not only was I able to call upon one of your Angelic Protectors, but a Guardian Angel as well! And it wasn’t just I who seems to show a new amount zeal recently. Everyone else in veteran scout party, and by that I mean Araya, Oliver, Etari, and Sark, fought with increased valor today. Truly we are favored, anxious to take Your gifts and shape this land in your image!

Praise be to Erathis!

Ah yes, the events of today. With the Troglodyte threat to Beacon of Hope quashed (Sark assures me his scouts and hunters are exterminating the hags and urchins that fled our Purge), we were able to investigate what Your divine hand indicated when I asked a few nights before of the origin(s) of the People’s Plague. We headed southeast at sunrise, and quickly found the river that fed into the ocean. The more… utilitarian of the party quickly constructed a sturdy raft, using rope and local wood, and we were able to cross the quarter mile wide waterway.

Praise be to Erathis!

But ho! We were attacked mere yards away from the opposite beach! A vile, leucistic crayfish of enormous size breached the water rapids with a host of those sahuagin fish-folk that raided us before we even set foot on land! Enraged with their repeated interference with Your exploits, we quickly made it to shore and dispensed with the horrid aquatic anomalies. One thing they did manage, however, was to destroy our temporary craft, which while may have ruined some of Etari’s strong silk rope, did not leave us stranded while we stay resourceful!

Praise be to Erathis!

After summoning Your brief guidance and corrected our route, we actually past what looks to be the remains of another example of Ancient architecture, this time the unweighted pylons of an Ancient’s bridge. Maybe this structured should be remodeled for our use in the future, if we ever are forced to frequently walk these Ancient roads to spread Your influence? A possibility we should take note.

Praise be to Erathis!

After following the packed-earth road that the bridge terminated to, we found what Your divine hand pointed to: another Ancient silo. This is irrefutable proof then that the archaic rice that the People have been feeding on and, even more hideous, offered to us is the source of their deformities, in form and most likely also essence. However, when we attempted to investigate the breached silo, which had half its contents strewn into the elements of the Bog (which has been successful in rotting away the magics of the rice. I am disturbed at the background noise arcana of this continent if it naturally destroys itself so easily), we were attack by monsters that, like the People, have been nourishing themselves with the foul foodstuff. Brave Paladin Wode kept the carrion crawlers at bay inside the dark silo, however the Otyughs proved to be the main threat to the party. Several of us were either restrained by the fell beasts’ embraces or paralyzed by ‘crawlers potent stings. However, even with such powerful opponents, our team rose to the challenge, and still managed to fell the collection of beasts.

Praise be to Erathis!

The encounter did not have casualties though. Several of us fell during combat with the beasts, and even though the cruel tentacled centipedes were dispatched eventually, some of use could still feel their poisons coursing through our veins. Filth Fever was quickly diagnosed by those used to the disease, and everyone was able to be restored after 12 hours of either rest or tending to those who needed care. Everyone, except for Etari…

Praise be to Erathis!

I only tell You this, my Erathis, for I know you hear me and Your counsel has never led me astray. But I worry about this artificer, who was the only one unable to shake off the ‘crawler’s taint. Is he finally buckling under the excessive exposure to the Ancient magics that he so readily enjoys? Is this “Filth Fever” a secondary route to the People deformation? He must be closely monitored, for he is a dear friend and worthy addition to Beacon of Hope, but I will not flinch when I am forced to exterminate him myself if he threatens Your Worthy!

Praise be to Erathis! Amen.

Adventure Log #6
Excerpt from a letter to Oliver Wode's wife

“My Dearest Laraina,

Though I have not been in your presence in many months I have dreamt of you constantly. However, we will be reunited once more! Earlier today we found a reason for more people to be sent to colonize this land. This means that you and I may be reunited sooner than I had ever dreamed. Upon this letters arrival there will be a great many rumors about what has transpired in our newly colonized land, however, you will be one of the few who has a full account. Let me start from the beginning.

When we first set foot inside these forests we were greeted with unkind trees and unkind smells. The trees we immediately dealt with while the smell required a little more investigation. We stumbled across a war band of Troglodytes when we found ourselves a few miles inland. Luckily we went unnoticed which gave us some time to set up our defenses. Then after we had scouted the area and created a defensible settlement we decided that it was time to rid our home of one of its many infestations.

We led our men to take out the stronghold of the Trogs. It was here that we ran into the nesting grounds for not only the stench-ridden muck dwellers but for drakes and behemoths. We were able to clear out most of the Troglodytes with little issue but were unprepared for what we saw after. It was the largest Macetail behemoth I had ever seen or even heard of by description. I mean this would put even the wealthiest Elven family to shame! It was a tough battle as this huge beast carried 4 Trogs on its back but we eventually won. In the end it was Sark the half-orc (just imagine if he were a full human) who put down the giant beast as he peppered it with arrows. Obadiah was nearly killed by the death spasms of the creature but was able to just hang on. It was then that Araya, Etari and I were given enough space to clean up the rest of the gang.

When the dust cleared and we were shown to be victorious we had a very valuable pelt on our hands as well as behemoth eggs and drake eggs. This will help to prove that this expedition will be successful and that when we get more people we can begin doing Erathis’ work.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you can get passage aboard the next ship out so that I can see your eyes once more. Please be safe and continue to think of me as I think of you.

My love to you always, Oliver”

Adventure Log 5
From the journal of Araya

After returning from The Village, the team all desired a short break to rest, gather our wits and plan for the days to come. In short order, we were able to devise a map and plot the known points of interest such as The Village to the South East and the Trog cave to the North (Trog data courtesy of Sark, who instead of resting, chose to seek out the lair of those that threatened us).

Etari retreated to his tent to discover the secrets of the magical items that we recently acquired. If the magic he was meddling with was not enough to deter me from his company, the puffs of smoke and strange smells emanating from his lab certainly were. And all his trouble only devised that which could be ascertained with an eye even as untrained as mine. The Communication Stone was found to be “crazy old” (Etari wrapped it in blankets to muffle it)and the grain was found to be well preserved and weirdly large.

Our new found “friend” Norris seems to be settling in fine. His pallor has improved slightly, but he has a terrible habit of spreading rumors about the greatness of The Village. We have had to counteract his measures with some tactful PR of our own to prevent a mutiny of defectors on our hands. Maybe bringing back someone so normal was not our brightest idea. A small mutation, third eye or webbed hand might have better convinced our settlers that our village is superior.

With Sark’s new Trog intel, the team decided to take a proactive approach and do some exterminating. Our weapons have been itching for the joy of battle and killing Trogs is a surefire cure. We set off with five soldiers in tow towards the North. While most of us stayed pretty quiet, Oliver had no problem tromping through the forest, jumping from breaking stick to fallen log to screaming peasant. When we caught a whiff of that unmistakable Trog scent, guess who had no choice but to be bait?

With the rest of us in hiding in ambush, it was nice to finally be on the offense. Under the cover of Oliver screaming, “Hey, stinky, over here,” I jumped out from under the brush with a whirlwind charge and unloaded my sword into the clubber closest to me. Meanwhile, Obediah produced his holy symbol of Erathis, the clog, caused it to glow and then shot it square into the chest of my clubber, bloodying him in the process. With our soldier dudes rushing in right behind him, Sark screamed BLEEEEEEH and rushed a baddie with his most effective attack of the day.

Unfortunately, the disgusting scent of the Trogs (and the resulting vomiting and gagging) was slowing us down slightly. I charged my clubber with nine souls of wrath, killing him swiftly, but sparking the interest of the macetail in the process. Charging over, he whipped his tail around and knocked most of us down, killing two of our brave soldiers in the process. But rest assured, the deaths of Posco and Pvt. Orin Grimiron were not in vain as Obediah called upon his angelic protector. From the ashes of our fallen comrades, an angel was born, seeking vengence.

The Trog impaler threw a lance at Oliver, pinning him to the ground, but with a triumphant “Arrrg,” Oliver pulled out the spear and rushed the macetail. With the help of Etari’s flaming arrow attack to the macetail’s head, Oliver was able to use the will of Erathis to hold the macetail fast and end its life. We made quick work of the other baddies, with extra special attacks by Sark and his bow and Etari and his arrows crackling with electricity. Despite Obediah offering justice to the curse chanter, we still lost more more soldier, Tham Steelfist, but then Obediah shot three rays of searing light out of his fingers, ending the battle with finality. The field was bloody (and stinky) with the vestiges of battle. Perhaps the skin and stuffed head of a macetail will be enough of an offering to send back to the civilized world and entice them to send reinforcements and more settlers. A brief respite is all we allowed ourselves before trudging North yet again to discover the lair of the Trogs. Perhaps this battle will result in a macetail egg or two? The possibilities of finding a treasure of that nature excite me. Maybe this seemingly inhabitable island does hold something of value. Only time will tell.
Adventure Log 4

Excerpt from the field journal of pathfinder Sark, Atarim Expedition, Day 10:

... It was around dusk that we first heard the howling. Suddenly, we were beset by a pack of large wolves. Clearly, these beasts were expecting easier prey and we slaughtered them all in a matter of moments. While the rest of my companions caught their breath, I skinned one of the large beasts. I saw a look of disgust cross Obediah’s face but it will be I who rests comfortably while he shivers on the cold, hard ground at night. His look of disgust is nothing new. For months now I have silently borne their disapproval for my race and appearance. The curse of my birth is nothing new, but I swear if I hear another “half-breed” epithet I may just leave my companions in the middle of the woods to find their own way back to camp. I speak in haste, the coin paid to me by our benefactors back in Assan and the promise of further payment compels me to do my best to keep them alive and guide them through this nightmare of a island.

We journeyed through the night and came across the grain silo where we first met Grue and “the People.” The signs of forced entry into the silo were obvious but around us the forest was silent and still. Etari, Obediah, and Oliver entered the silo but I would not go near it, knowing in my core that this place was ancient and powerful. My tribe has stories of the old magic, we understand the terrible power of the ancient world. It was not bravery that drove my companions into the grainery, it was foolishness. Araya knew better as well and while she studied the nearby ruins I set off to pick up the trail of the “men” we met previously. It was not difficult, their numbers were many and the sacks of grain they dragged back were distinctive in the undergrowth.

When I came back I saw Etari tuck a vial into his tunic. I know not what he took from that cursed place but I only hope it does not bode ill for us. I overheard Obediah speak of runes on the inside of the silo, but what meaning and purpose they served remained a mystery. I led our group back to the trail I had located and we set off in hopes of finding the “Peoples” settlement.

Day 11

The forest gave way to swamp and I began to feel like we were being watched and followed, though I never caught a glimpse of their sentries. I advised caution and stealth and although I moved like my tribe taught, not making a sound, one would think we traveled with a giant given how much noise Obediah made, the clinking and clanking of his mail echoed throughout the swamp. We progressed a bit further before we were stopped in our tracks by the distinct calls of wild animals. Four times we heard the call and the response. My own tribe used to use a similar means of communication whilst hidden and I knew these were communications between our hidden sentries. Arising from the swamp a malformed man came to treat with us. Oliver managed to convince him that we meant no harm and just wanted to speak once again with Grue. Finally relenting, he called out to his hidden compatriots and we realized we had been completely surrounded.

We were led through the swamp into the outskirts of their village where what I can only describe as farmsteads arose from the desolate land around us. What manners of crops they managed to grow confounded me, I can’t imagine anything other than slime and fungi growing under these conditions. The deeper into their territory we went the more I felt an unease spreading over my entire body. It wasn’t nerves, by all means these people seemed friendly and greeted us (even myself with my cursed appearance) quite amicably. This unease permeated everything, the ground, the air, and the people who made a living in this god-forsaken village.

I met a man by the name of Norice Hawklight who seemed to be in better health than most of the other inhabitants. Though he had a sickly pallor, he had none of the other, well, modifications of the people we’d seen. He informed me that he was the only survivor of an expedition that had arrived a few years ago. Desperate, he found help amongst the people and now lived out his days hunting for grain silos and providing food for himself and the rest of the inhabitants of the village.

Our guide brought us to the main square, and if it weren’t for the deformed figures milling about this could have been any marketplace in Assan. We made our way to the biggest building we could find, looking for information about the people who came here. We were met by a small, bulging being who may once have been human and he invited us to stay for what I suspect was a political meeting but none of us could understand the language being used to conduct the meeting.

Upon the meeting’s conclusion the misshapen man approached us again, warning us of the dangers of the island and entreating us to stay amongst the people. By this point we were anxious to leave to get back to our camp. He offered to send along an escort but we instead convinced him to send Norice to be our guide. I feel there is much we can learn from this Norice and increase our chances of survival in this dangerous world, would be a pity if I was forced to kill him.


Adventure Log 3
Found scribbled among Etari's alchemical notes

I have grand news! If there exists magic on this continent then we have stumbled across the first of it, although it seems to have some unpleasant side effects… I suppose I should start this log from how we stumbled across such a phenomenon.

After continuing our purification of the local wildlife the adventuring party all split into separate groups. Wile the three god fearing citizens and myself were all working on unloading the ship or clear cutting the local land, the lazy half breed decided to scout out north to hopefully get lost and be eaten by trogs. After three days of his absence I had started to get my hopes up, but he came back and had found something greater than I could have imagined. There were roads here before us, and even larger pieces of stonework! But there were people here… Misshapen and mismade people. Wait! I think I’ve discovered an idea for a new miracle cure for the men, I will write that down now.

Bat guano…

Red sulfur…

Wolf sinew…

Serpent tongue…

Trent sap…

Boil for 30 minutes and test myself first to see what happens. Add salt to taste.

Once the half breed told us of this discovery we decided it best to find out who these people were, and if they knew of the origin of this building. After a long days hike, where Obediah managed to stub his toe on every rock in the forest on the way over, we managed to work our way back to where this structure was and the people were still there. Excuse me… I should write “The People” for that is what one of the mutants, Grue, introduced himself (Probably male…) as. It seems that he represented a group who had taken in all the colonists. What exactly he had done with them I do not know, but there was not a whole man among them. Each person there was like a mockery of how a human should look. Eventually we discovered why these people were so interested in the building they were trying to break into. They seemed to think that there was grain inside that did not spoil. This piqued my interest, but before I had time to examine more closely our evangelical’s nerves broke down due to the presence of this magic. We decided it best to leave instead of just making an enemy and took a circular path back to our post. We were followed along the way, but I could not get a good look at the sneak. It seemed to have four arms, but my eyes could just be playing tricks on me. Grue did speak of a great beast called the Shaggroth that seems to be the local terror of this continent. Watch was made with more fear of the dark than usual that night…

But magic! Real magic. Magic someone could be burned at the stake for. I hope I get a chance to study it closely, although it may be hard with my fellows trying to destroy the very thing I’ve come to this continent to study. This may be where I can find the secret mentioned in that dusty old tome so long ago.

We have decided to continue investigating this discovery under the cover of darkness. I hope that we will be able to find more of the magic I have seen already. If we find the structure open and no one there I will hope to go inside to investigate. We will then continue up the road to find this group of “The People” and I hope to rescue some whole men from this tainted group. If we find previous explorers we could unmask this continent’s secrets much faster than we could on our own. If there is no one worth saving then we will perform wholesale slaughter.

Even if these people could not master the magic of this land I will…

Etari Thann—Firstborn son of the Thann family, and full Artificer of the Assani Empire. May she prosper through all ages.

I can only hope I have done the right thing by coming here.

Adventure Log #2
Excerpt from Obadiah's Diary

Praise be to Erathis! For She rose Man to civilization and is Assan’s guiding light!

Today has proven to be a trying day, a true test of devotion for those around me. While my faith is and always will be strong, the hoi polloi of this prospective colony find the hope and eagerness they held on the Wode Wavestrider and Erathis’ Reach somewhat diminished with the ever increasing count of casualties of several brave scouts today. Indeed, we haven’t even finished unloading all our passengers, and we have already seen four deaths and one severe injury. I plead to you Great Erathis, please look over the souls that have been lost to your cause, and continue looking over those who remain.

Praise be to Erathis!

But I digress, I strove to keep records of Your colony, so I must stay on topic to recount how courageous Jasmine, Samir, and Olivair fell to further the cause of establishing our outpost. Though Jasmine and Olivair may not be fully favored in Your Eyes due to their half-caste heritage, I cannot deny their usefulness in the Cause, or their visible vigor when I spoke a Lamentation during battle. Their last moments should not go unnoticed.

Praise be to Erathis!

Thus, let us reflect back to last night. Sark, one other dirty (however versatile and promising) half-caste, stumbled upon a promising location for Your blessed outpost. While it appears the majority of this greater coastal area is untamed bog and rampant overgrowth, Sark found a thinned out, more manageable stand of trees on solid ground next to the ancient river we found earlier that day. Is this where You wish Your first influence to propagate Oh Goddess? I might perform the Hand of Fate ritual to confirm this place to be Your intended Temple.

Praise be to Erathis!

At any rate, we camped the night in this potential stand, a group of soldiers and important individuals who must be arising in Your eyes, demanding Your notice. The avenger Araya took first watch; a stunning agent of Your Holiness that I cannot help but admire after yesterdays display. I hope that I will inspire such grace and power in your future disciples in this land…

Praise be to Erathis! A dawn of a new day!

After sunrise and another limited meal based on ship supplies, we trekked back to the shore to start bringing more settlers to the encampment. It was quickly determined that if we are to develop this particular patch of forest, we must develop a rough path to shuttle goods off the ship (if not parts off the ship! Initial inspections of most the wood-stock here proves to be poor building material, meaning we might have to cannibalize our two vessels to establish our first shanties). However, after clearing nearly three-quarters of the path to Your future home, one of the foul trees had the audacity to reach out and attack our workmen! The bog then became alive with agile forms of agitated vegetation, all making vain attempts to mimicking our sublime human form. While we had become well versed at cleaving through their inert kind to make way for our coming Manifest Destiny, the angered forest fought us long and hard. It was from this that we saw Samir and Olivair fall under their attack, Jasmine become critically wounded, and even Etari, Oliver, Sark, and myself found ourselves overwhelmed by the wrath of the forest. It was only Your power, manifested by my Lamentation, Araya’s Oaths, and Oliver’s clinging divine Challenges did we make it out of the encounter alive. The impious Etari and Sark managed to turn their own tides of battle with machinations and heavy-hitting axes, but I believe it was the People who won us the fight, empowered by Your word. While I was filled with pride by their performance, our losses still gripped my heart like a heavy claw, reminding me of the costs to spread Your influence.

Praise be to Erathis!

Hold on a tick, Sark reapproaches from the most recent scouting mission. His face, though hard to read with those bloody tusks, communicates complications with our plans. I must put my quill down. Praise be to Erathis! Amen.

Adventure Log #1
Excerpt from Oliver's Journal

It has been long months since the last time I felt earth beneath my feet and it is nice have solid ground holding me up. I am writing in the journal right now because, as the sailors put it, “I don’t have my land legs” and my first few attempts to walk were disastrous. When the earth stops swaying I will try again. While I wait I will try and write down the day’s events; it has been a long day so I will start from the beginning.

We were traveling through a light fog toward Ataram and it seemed like most other days aboard that accursed ship (an assumption that turned out to be very wrong). Early in morning the sun pierced through the fog and that is when I heard the call from Araya (who is usually very quiet and reserved), “I see Land!” This lifted me from my silent meditations and I quickly made my way to the front of the ship. This also roused the rest of the leaders in charge of this expedition. Sark the Half-Orc scout, Obediah a powerful invoker for our god Erathis, and even Etari exited his cabin where he works on his inventions. We looked out in wonder, awe and fear (even though I am ashamed to admit it) at the sight that lay before us.

Large cliffs topped by even larger trees stretched out in front of me and I had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. The forest looked dark and uninviting and it was only then that I was truly unnerved by this place. What dangers lurk in that forest such that Erathis herself has been unable to find any purchase there? As I looked back from where we had come I saw that the sun had not burnt away the fog but rather we had emerged from the fog. It seemed that the layer of cloud was keeping its distance from the shore and dared not touch it (the cloud may have known something we did not).

We followed the coastline until we found the bay that we determined to be the best spot to set up a settlement. This bay was peaceful and calm and we couldn’t wait to go ashore. We took two boats and a contingent of soldier and headed out to land. It was only then that we found that the peace and calm of the bay had attracted other residents.

Sahuagin (fish folk) and their shark beast attacked our landing party without warning. This was our first test of our assembled team and we performed adequately. The Half-Orc scout, Sark, immediately started to take out the leader by diving across to the other boat and loosing arrow after arrow in a flurry of movement that surprised even me. I moved in as quickly as I could to defend the rest of the party and bring down divine justice on these barbaric creatures. Obediah quickly dispatched their foot soldiers to even odds. Etari was quick to lend aid to those injured as well as shooting his crossbow with deadly accuracy. However, it was Araya that awed everyone the most when she took to the sky and delivered the killing blow to the leader of the Sahuagin. Maybe it was the sun in my eyes as I watched her fly through the air but she seemed to take on the countenance of Erathis herself as she smote the Sahuagin and sent the others (even the beast) fleeing for their lives. Seeing such a sight gave me a little bit of hope that, even on this uncivilized patch of the world, we have brought Erathis with us.

Even though the battle was won we did lose two soldiers. Both were half-elves that were devoured by the shark beast. We need every person we have, I can only hope that these are the only losses we will suffer to bring Erathis to this forsaken land.

Now there is much to be done and I will once again try to stand on the solid ground. Maybe this time it will not move so much under my feet.

Out of Character: Next game session will be 6:30PM Wednesday, June 30 at Murray.


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